On board monitoring

monitoraggio da nave1The inversion algorithm depicted in Figure does not allow estimating the sea state parameters and the surface current if applied on X-band radar data acquired during the navigation. In this case, the relative motion between the ship and the sea surface causes some variations in the spectrum of the signal to analyze, so leading to the failure of the common reconstruction procedures.

To overcome this issue, IREA researchers developed an innovative technique through which it is possible to retrieve the parameters of interest after the compensation of the undesired effects caused by the ship motion. Such a technique has been widely validated in different sea conditions thanks to many measurement campaigns. As an example, Figure represents the route of a ship that carried the system for the sea state monitoring. There, the yellow triangles represent the measurement points where was been performed the comparison between the directional spectrums obtained by our estimation procedure and those provided by the Lamma Consortium exploiting the WW3 (Wave Watch 3) forecast model.


                                                                        monitoraggio da nave2 


Research activitySea state monitoring