Series of meetings among IREA researchers and students on classic themes of a research project

la ricerca va a scuolaThe first public meeting of "La ricerca va a scuola" will be held at the CNR Research Area in Milano on November 12. It is a training path addressed to the world of education focused on the issues of a scientific research project conducted by the National Research Council, Space4Agri (S4A).

"A project is the place par excellence where the cycle of knowledge production is expressed. To follow it, through workshops and meetings, can allow students and teachers to better understand how research issues and procedures are today faced by the scientific community", says Alba L'Astorina, person in charge of Space4Agri WP7 "Dissemination and Capacity Building Actions".

But the role of CNR is also to reflect and make people think about new ways of teaching and communicating science that involve actively and collaboratively all participants, giving particular emphasis to the knowledge exchange. The activities that S4A leads with the school employ the participatory methodologies tested within the researches that Irea dedicates to public communication of science, as a member of the CNR research unit "Science Communication and Education" (COMeSE).

In Milano, the activities benefit from the collaboration with the network of schools "Science Association under 18". The Day is one of the CNR approach events to Expo 2015.