Journal of Geophysics and Engineering Best Paper Award to an IREA researcher

JGEFrancesco Soldovieri, Senior Researcher at IREA, together with John Leucci and Raffaele Persico of IBAM-CNR, received the Journal of Geophysics and Engineering Best Paper Award last June 16. It is a prize for one of the eleven articles selected in the first decade of the journal for their scientific relevance and impact in terms of citations.

The paper, entitled 'Detection of fractures from GPR data: the case history of the Cathedral of Otranto', deals with the theme of non-invasive diagnostics for the study of the conservation status of the 'core' columns inside the Crypt of the Cathedral of Otranto. The innovative character of the paper relates to the use of an advanced procedure of data processing based on microwave tomography, capable of obtaining images of the column internal state easily interpretable by users. Published in 2007, the article is very quoted by the scientific community of geophysics applied to monuments.