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Nepal: the Earth shakes again

Terremoto nepal 12 05 2015

A new earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck the Nepal area on 12 May 2015 and it is the one that, among all the aftershocks, released the biggest energy after the main event of the last April 25th. 

Researchers at the Institute for the Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment of the Italian National Research Council generated a map of the ground displacement induced by this new earthquake through the Differential SAR interferometry technique, by exploiting data acquired by the Sentinel-1A satellite of the European program Copernicus.

The deformed area extends for about 40 x 60 km2 Eastward of Katmandu. The detected displacement is of about 70 cm toward the satellite in the maximum deforming area (blue zone in the figure). 

The measured displacement field has been very likely induced by the same structures involved in the main shock of the last April 25th, and it is compatible with the migration towards East of the aftershocks.

The activity has been conducted as part of the agreement between IREA-CNR and the Civil Protection Department (DPC), and in the framework of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) project (ESA) and I-AMICA (High Technological Infrastructure for Integrated Monitoring of Climate and Environment) project, which is funded by MIUR under the National Operative Programme (PON).

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