Thursday, 10 September 2020 20:47

The software package "prismaread" was released

prismareadprismaread is an open source software package developed in "R" language by the Institute for Remote Sensing of Environment (IREA) of the National Research Council of Italy with the aim of facilitating access to the data acquired by the innovative PRISMA hyperspectral sensor, recently launched by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

The new software package allows to access the hyperspectral data (and the corresponding accessory data) provided by ASI in HDF format and convert them into formats more easily usable for subsequent geospatial operations on raster data (ENVI, GeoTiff). It also allows to automatically calculate different spectral indices starting from the reflectance data, and to easily and quickly extract data on regions of interest and calculate the corresponding statistics.

The package is released under the GPL-3 open source license, and can be installed from the github repository at


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