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Mercoledì, 17 Febbraio 2016 11:52

ISEO: Improving the lake Status from Eutrophy towards Oligotrophy

iseoDue to the negative trend in water quality of Lake Iseo, the main objective of the ISEO project is the identification and quantitative assessment of the synergic effects on the water quality of local pressures, in the watershed and along the shoreline, and global warming, pursuing the following five aims:

(1) to measure the most relevant P inputs to the lake and to evaluate P pollution potential of the different anthropic activities in the watershed;
(2) to map and evaluate the ecological features of SAV meadows, in order to exploit their diagnostic power to evaluate P contamination/sources and to assess their capacity to retain and contrast the inflowing P;
(3) to understand the lake circulation and its effect on the lake actual water renewal time, that controls the residence of nutrients in the hypolimnion;
(4) to identify innovative and effective management strategies, on the basis of the results of the monitoring and modeling activity;
(5) to set up a synoptic monitoring system of the lake, in order to detect acute pollution events, control the potential occurrence of algal bloom and provide distributed satellite data that can be fundamental for the research issues.

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Committente: Fondazione Cariplo

Prime contractor: Università degli Studi di Brescia - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Architettura, Territorio, Ambiente e Matematica- DICATAM

Periodo di attività: 2016 -2019

Finanziamento IREA:  € 30.900

Responsabili IREA: Claudia GiardinoMariano Bresciani

Linea di ricerca: Modellistica di estrazione di parametri bio-geofisici


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