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Lakes have been observed as sentinels of climate change both directly and indirectly through watershed changes. This is because lakes integrate responses over time and are distributed worldwide such that they can capture different aspects of climate change in different geographic locations. The cci lakes project aims to develop products for following five variables that comprise the Lakes Essential Climate Variable, as defined by GCOS-200:

  • - Lake Water Level (LWL): fundamental for analysing the balance between water inputs and water loss
  • - Lake Water Extent (LWE): expansion in glacial regions and dryness in temperate zones
  • - Lake Surface Water temperature (LSWT): this variable is correlated with regional air temperatures
  • - Lake Ice Cover (LIC): analyse delay in the timing of freeze up in autumn and advance of break-up in spring
  • - Lake Water Leaving Reflectance (LWLR): study of nutrients concentrations that impact the abundance and composition of phytoplankton.

Committente: European Space Agency

Prime contractor: CLS, France

Periodo di attività: 2019 - 2022

Finanziamento IREA: € 80.000

Responsabile IREA: Claudia Giardino

Attività: Modellistica di estrazione di parametri bio-geofisici

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