Antonio Pepe
Antonio Pepe
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My research activity concerns the development of advanced DInSAR algorithms for the analysis and monitoring of earth surface deformation through radar sensors mounted onboard to satellite platforms. The received deformation signals are relevant to various geophysical contexts (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, slow-moving landslides, etc ...). In particular, over the yerars the interest has been focused on: i) the developments of phase unwrapping algorithms working in the time/space domain; ii) the integration of interferometric data coming from different radar sensors. More recently, I have conducted studies aimed at tuning complex DInSAR processing chains to work with the new-generation synthetic aperture radar sensors, characterized by improved spatial resolutions and reduced revisit times. Currently, my major interests are: i) the identification of optimized configurations of DInSAR interferograms to improve mapping performances, ii) the development of time-domain noise-filtering approaches, iii) the integration of SAR and optical data for Earth Observation (EO) purposes.     



Scientific production

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