Science and society


Living in a healty and safe environment with less risks for man and the planet is commonly recognized as important. It is also a goal for all those who are encharged of administrating a territory and assuring a good standard of life to citizens. For a research institute like IREA the topic of heatlh and security is a leitmotiv of all research activities.

Every day researchers of IREA are involved in developing innovative research metodologies able to monitor the Earth and its changes, using sophisticated  microwave or optical electromagnetic sensors on satellites, aircrafts or in situ; to make them available to vaious users the data from research; and to evaluate biologic effects of being exposed to electromagnetic fields or to exploit electromagnetism for medical applications.

It is then clear that activities carried out by researchers of  IREA have strong relationships with society. In this column of the website we would like to make these link more visible.

Often scientists are considered as people living in a complex world apart from society; on the contrary, IREA considers pubblic communication an important topic.


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