Geological Application of Satellite Technologies

GEOSAT is a research project for the definition of ideal technical specifications of a satellite sensor dedicated to oil exploration. Role of IREA is to experience remote sensing hyperspectral techniques by air and satellite for the recognition of geolithological limits and lithotypes, also by collecting spectral data to the ground and developing special algorithms for image classification.
Object of the study is: creation of a database of spectral signatures of geo-lithotypes as from spectroradiometric measures in situ; geolithological mapping from aerial and satellite optical hyperspectral images; evaluation of methodological and technological constraints of the capacity of remote mapping of geo-lithotypes, including in it the integration of active remote sensing data (radar and lidar).

Funds: ENI S.p.A.

Prime contractor: IREA

Period of activity:  2010 - 2013

Responsible for CNR-IREA:

Monica Pepe

Staff involved: 

Mirco Boschetti, Claudia Giardino, Mauro Musanti, Loredana Pompilio, Paolo Villa