Workshop "Remote Sensing of Cyanobacteria"

On July 19, 2011, the workshop "Remote Sensing of Cyanobacteria", organized by CNR-IREA Milnao, was held at the lakes of Mantova and Garda. The workshop was organized within the bilateral Italy-Sweden project actvities of cyan-IS-was (CYanobacteria AssessmeNt in Italian and Swedish WAters from Space), where the optical remote sensing techniques are used to monitor the quality of waters with focus on cyanobacterial blooms.
The workshop was divided into two parts: in the morning, n the lakes of Mantua, there was a measuring session by using  different spectroradiometers (two ASD, Ramses, SpectraScan), optical sensors (H6) and fluorimetric probes that, together with the sampling samples of water, allow to build the database for bio-optical modeling of the lake. In the afternoon, at the Experimental Station of Sirmione del Garda Eugene Zilioli, an oral session was held.
  • See the event poster (locandina)
  • See the video of the afternoon session
The workshop was attended by CNR colleagues from IREA Milan,  ISMAR Venezia and IDPA Bergamo, by persons from the Universities of Univerità di ParmaMilano BicoccaStockholm and Zurich and by people from the Community of Lake Garda.
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