Understanding the mechanisms of interaction between ultrashort pulsed electric fields and cellular structures, for their use in biomedical and industrial applications

Ultrashort electric pulses find applications in the field of medicine and biotechnology, but also in the field of energy, environmental engineering and industrial processes. As a matter of fact, electric pulses of microsecond duration, are effectively employed for cancer treatment and gene therapy, in food pasteurization process, cryopreservation, and biomass treatment. It has also been shown, in recent years, that electrical pulses of shorter duration, in the range of nanoseconds, are able to interact selectively with cellular structures, opening the way for further biological and biomedical applications. For this purpose, understanding the interaction mechanisms of such pulses with cellular structures, at various levels, represents a prerequisite in developing possible applications and technological transfer. This research activity require multidisciplinary competences ranging from biology and chemistry to physics and engineering.