The unit of IREA located Milan ì is equipped with an optical-electronic laboratory equipped with optical bench. The laboratory is the storage area of the scientific instrumentation used in proximal sensing and cal/val activities and it is used for laboratory measurements as well as for keeping the instrumentation calibrated. The main instruments of the lab are the following:

  • Spectroradiometer Pro Fr FieldSpec ASD Inc. (350-2500 nm) and accessories (fiber optic and underwater and surface)
  • Colorimeter PR-650 SpectraScan Photo Reserch (380-780 nm)
  • Spectroradiometer Water Insight WISP-3 (400-900 nm) reflectance measurements of water surfaces
  • Multi-spectral radiometer Exotech 100 BK (4 filters TM)
  • Thermoradiometer Raytek PM40 (8-14 microns)
  • Sunphotometer EKO MS-120 (368 nm, 500 nm, 675 nm, 778 nm)
  • Licor sensor for measuring the PAR along the water column (400-700 nm)
  • Ceptometer AccuPAR LP80 - Decagon Devices Inc.
  • Fluorimeter-Turbidimeter - Scufa Turner Design Inc.
  • Fluorimeter for algal pigments (chlorophyll-a, phycocyanins, phycoerythrin) and CDOM - Turner Cyclops-7 Design Inc.
  • FATA - Fluorescence And Turbidity Analyzer: A system for continuous measurement along transects horizontal water quality parameters from active probes (e.g. Scufa) automatically geo-referenced using GPS data.
  • MANDRONS - MultiANgular Device for Radiometric Observations over Natural Surfaces: goniometer for angular measurements of reflected radiance and the BRDF sampling.
  • Photo-camera Nikon Coolpix hemispheric fisheye
  • GPS: Garmin and Trimble