cyanobacteria assessment in Italian and Swedish waters from space is a cooperative project that aims to understand the dynamics of emergence, flowering, persistence and decline of communities of cyanobacteria in lakes and coastal aquatic environments using remote sensing techniques. The activities are held for a period of three years from 2010 to 2012 and involves the following groups. For Italy: IREA Milan (coordination) and ISMAR Venice; for Sweden: University of Stoccoloma (coordination), Consulting and Strömbeck Luode Consulting Oy.


Funds: Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research & Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Type: Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Bilateral Protocol between Italy and Sweden

Prime contractor:  IREA

Period of activity:  2010 - 2013

Person in charge: Claudia Giardino


Mariano Bresciani, Mauro Musanti, Simone Lella, Erica Matta