Science Festival in Genoa

Science FestivalIREA was present at the ninth edition of the Science Festival in Genoa with a conference entitled "The Earth under control. New technologies for environmental monitoring". Eugenio Sansosti and Ilaria Catapano told as earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions or even imperceptible deformations of the Earth's surface can be monitored from space with a sophisticated radar mounted on satellites. And now it is also possible to follow the evolution of deformations using a technique developed at IREA-CNR, with obvious implications for the prevention of risk and decision support in times of crisis.

The in-situ monitoring is instead made possible by the ground penetrating radar technology. In this context, the methodologies developed at IREA-CNR allow to obtain high-resolution images with which to test the structural integrity of buildings or infrastructures, to identify hidden or buried objects such as weapons and explosives, and to detect remote vital signs essential to locate victims of landslides or avalanches. Sophisticated technologies useful to keep under control the Earth and the complex dynamic system consisting of the earth's crust, in order to live more secure.


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