logo SINOPIAE senza sfondoSystem-prototype for multi-source Integrative Observation techniques of multispectral satellite, aircraft and ground data for multi-scale monitoring of the variations of environmental indicators related to Atmospheric constituents and Energy dispersion 

The project goal is the realization of a prototype system for Lombardy department for the multi-scale monitoring of environmental parameters, as atmospheric constituents concentration at the surface (gas and aerosol) in urban and not urban areas, natural and anthropogenic aerosol components, thermal dispersion in urban areas, direct climatic effects of natural and anthropogenic (direct forcing) aerosols.

The system will help to understand meteo-climatic processes at a regional scale forced by anthropogenic activities. This purpose will be reached through the realization of modules responsible for the assessment of the effects of air pollution (gas and aerosol) on regional scale and on barely populated regions such as lakes and glaciers; for the evaluation of thermal dispersion on urban scale, of direct effects of aerosol on radiation equilibrium of the surface-atmosphere system at the regional scale and the interaction of emission scenarios of air and energy pollutants in the urban environment; through the integration of multi-source observations from sensors at the ground, on aircraft and satellite and through the use of models that consider the meteorology, the transport, the dispersion and the chemistry of pollutants and their interaction with the radiation aspects.


Funding body: Regione Lombardia

Prime contractorCGS Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio

Period of activity: 2013 - 2014

IREA project manager: Anna Rampini

Research topic: Optical Remote Sensing