Contributions in conference proceedings - year 2015

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  2. L'Astorina A, Tomasoni I, "A participative model for undertaking and evaluating scientific communication in Earth Observation researches", EGU General Assembly 2015.
  3. Tombelli S, Trono C, Adinolfi B, Chiavaioli F, Giannetti A, Eugen-Olsen J, Bernini R, Grimaldi IA, Persichetti G, Testa G, Baldini F, "Optical heterogeneous bioassay for the detection of the inflammatory biomarker suPAR", Photonic West 2015.
  4. L'Astorina A, Tomasoni I, "Researchers go to School: understanding the content and the procedures of science through a new dialogue among students, teachers and scientists", EGU General Assembly 2015 
  5. Casu F, Manconi A, Elefante S, Zinno I, "Surface Displacement Time Series Retrieved by Fully Exploiting Space-Borne SAR Data", XII IAEG Congress.
  6. Ferlisi S, Peduto D, GullĂ  G, Nicodemo G, Borrelli L, Fornaro G, "The use of DInSAR data for the analysis of building damage induced by slow-moving landslides", Engineering Geology for Society and Territory.
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