Wednesday, 26 February 2020 14:38

Special Issue "Advanced Electromagnetic Biosensors for Medical, Environmental and Industrial Applications"

Olga Zeni e Stefania Romeo, researchers at IREA-CNR, announce the call of the Special Issue "Advanced Electromagnetic Biosensors for Medical, Environmental and Industrial Applications" of Sensors journal.

The interest in and potential of electromagnetic technologies for sensing purposes in medical, environmental, and industrial contexts has been increasing exponentially. The benefits of electromagnetic biosensors include minimally invasive, label-free, and cost-effective monitoring, probing, and treatment. For instance, wearable and implantable sensors for monitoring of vital signs and neural activity represent the key enablers towards personalized medicine and electroceuticals. Furthermore, radiofrequency and terahertz sensors are increasingly used for quality control in the food industry and for the detection of environmental pollutants. The purpose of this Special Issue is to provide an update on the recent research advancements in the field of electromagnetic biosensors covering the band from low frequencies to terahertz. Original research articles and reviews are encouraged.

The scope of this Special Issue includes, but is not limited, to:

Wearable and implantable electromagnetic sensors
Antennas for in- and on-body sensors
RFID sensors
Wireless power transfer for autonomous sensors
Bio-inspired sensors
Electromagnetic characterization applied to biosensors
Biocompatibility of implantable devices
Nanomaterials for sensing purposes

The deadline for submitting the articles is November 30, 2020.

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