Budget and Performance

The analysis of data relating to IREA funding and scientific output in the period 2013-2016 shows both a remarkable ability to find external financial resources, resulting from participation in national and European research projects, cooperation with industry, and a high scientific output, characterized by publications in the most prestigious journals in their respective sectors, confirming a trend of steady improvement over time of these fundamental parameters, as evidenced by the two graphs reported below

budget 2016

A positive picture comes out as regards the Institute functioning and climate, the ability to exploit its specific multi-disciplinary and interact with the scientific and socio-economic reality, the motivation and productivity of researchers.

The remarkable level reached is evidenced by the outcome of the Evaluation of the Research Quality (VQR) conducted by the ANVUR (National Agency for Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) for the period 2011-2014, whose trial ended in November 2015. This evaluation placed IREA among the institutes of excellence in the CNR.