Outreach and Press Area

Che senso ha, per un istituto di ricerca come il nostro, studiare il territorio, l’ambiente
se non ci si preoccupa anche di rendere disponibile questa conoscenza?
di confrontarla con il sapere degli altri?
Eugenio Zilioli

In addition to the scientific mission, IREA also shares the importance of basic and applied research with the wider community. The educational outreach team carries out specifically national and international educational projects for youth, teachers and members of the general public across Italy and beyond within. The activities are carried out in collaboration with other institutions on the territory, such as the Experimental Station "Eugenio Zilioli of Sirmione. IREA also communicates to the media through its press releases, an attention that media often compensate publishing various articles on IREA activities and researches.

But for IREA the public communication is also a research and investigation field: in particular, the Section of Milano, carries out activities aimed at studying and experimentating new models of science communication and education. For social implication of IREA science activities also see the homepage column Science and society.

Dissemination activities of IREA in Naples are carried out by Consiglia Rasulo.
Outreach in Milano and research activities on public communication are carried out by Alba L'Astorina.