The Experimental Station "Eugenio Zilioli" is an important support unit of CNR-IREA for all research activities focused on remote sensing of water quality and for developing the applications interesting the Lake Garda region.
This small experimental station is located north of the peninsula of Sirmione in Lake Garda.
The Experimental Station is equipped with the office, teaching laboratory for analyzes of water and a small meeting room. 

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At this venue are mainly carried out the following activities:
  • scientific activities related to the research projects on remote sensing of the lakes
  • environmental monitoring actions for the management of common reeds in southern Lake Garda
  • educational activities involving hundreds of students from middle and high schools.
  • communication activities, such as the recent CAMMINI LTER- dal Scienza in Rete


  • since 1999, the Station collaborates with the Environmental Unit of the Municipality of Sirmione (CRA) for promoting education and divulgation activities in the field of remote sensing of the environment.
  • in 2005 the Station in 2005  was entlited to our colleague and friend Eugenio Zilioli, the first Head of  the IREA Unit in Milan, not only to commemorate his untimely death, but especially for the commitment that he has always been dedicated to environmental education and outreach activities
  • since 2011, the seat has become a LTER Station (The Italian Network for Ecological Research Long-Term Italy), which is part of the International Network ILTER since 2006, bringing together 39 countries in five continents on issues of ecological research.
  • since 2014 is part of the NASA AERONET Site

Station photo gallery

earsel_2 asita2010 sirmione-3 dele_rpc
III Workshop Earsel - Remote Sensing of Coastal Zone (2007); Pietro A. Brivio with two colleagues from University of Maryland (2009) Personnel of public water authorities from China (2008)
glass 12-years aeronet
 Fieldwork actvities during the GLaSS project (2014)  Celebrating the 12-years of the Station (October 2014) Inaugration of the AERONET Site (2014)
A stop during the Bike Run within LTER    


Sede distaccata dell’IREA, dal 2000 la Stazione Sperimentale ospita il Centro di Rilevamento Ambientale del Comune di Sirmione col quale collabora su diversi temi legati al monitoraggio del territorio del basso Garda.