Optical remote sensing automatic mapping of Alpine glaciers: improved techniques to face up-to-date patterns

In the framework of quantification of the Earth’s systems response to global warming, high-altitude alpine glaciers fluctuations represents an excellent direct indicator of the landscape response to climate forcing and remote sensing is an optimal tool to provide the global change communities intrinsically geographically distributed and homogeneous information on ice-masses fluctuations. Unfortunately also this source of information suffers from limitations: spatial resolution and debris covered areas. The aim of this study is to address such constraints by using fuzzy classification strategies and spectral indexes approaches. Results obtained from both proposed methodologies demonstrate their feasibility to produce valuable information as related to up-to-date glacier fluctuation patterns, helping the understanding of climate forcing over the alpine areas.

Dottorando: Monica Pepe
Tutor: Alberto Carton, Anna Rampini, Francesco Zucca
Università degli Studi di Pavia - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Dottorato in Scienze della Terra (XIXciclo)
Settore ScientificoDisciplinare: GEO-04

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