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Contributi in atti di convegno anno 2011

Catapano I., Soldovieri F., Crocco L.
2D GPR imaging via linear sampling method: a performance assessment tool

Stroppiana D., Boschetti M., Boschetti L., Brivio P.A.,
A fuzzy based approach for the identification of burned perimeters from Landsat TM images in Europe

Romeo S, D'Avino C, Zeni O, Scarfì MR, Massa R
A high efficiency applicator for in vitro exposure at 2.45 GHz

Reale, D.; Pauciullo, A.; Fornaro, G.; De Maio, A
A scatterers detection scheme in SAR Tomography for reconstruction and monitoring of individual buildings

Bonano M., Calò F., Casu F., Lanari R., Manunta M., Manzo M., Pepe A.
A two-scale analysis of surface deformation affecting the L’Aquila (Italy) area performed through the advanced SBAS-DInSAR technique

Tizzani P., Manconi A., Zeni G., Pepe A., Manzo M., Camacho A., Fenández J., Berardino P., Casu F., Lanari R.
A unitary physical model for the long- and short-term deformation field revealed at Tenerife volcanic island

Lella S., Bresciani M., Giardino C., L'Astorina A.
A Web Service-Based Tool to Disseminate Satellite-derived Water Quality Maps of Lake Garda

Peterseil J., Schentz H., Carrara P., Oggioni A.
Accessing long term monitoring data as ground truth – Contribution from EnvEurope

Sannino A, Zeni O, Massa R, Sarti M, Romeo S, Vijayalaxmi and Scarfì MR
Adaptive response induced by UMTS signal in human blood lymphocytes

Catapano I., Crocco L., Soldovieri F.
Airborne ground penetrating radar imaging of buried targets: a tomographic approach

Yang Y., Pepe A., Manzo M., Lanari R.
An Effective Approach to Select the Interferometric Sar Data Pairs Based on Simulated Annealing

Campanelli A., Braga F., Betti M., Bresciani M., Cavalli R. M., Grilli F., Pascucci S., Marini M.
Analisi dei principali parametri oceanografici in relazione alle proprietà ottiche di 5 aree marine lungo le coste dell’Italia meridionale. Primi risultati

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Bartoli M., Viaroli P.
Analisi delle fioriture di cianobatteri nei laghi d’Idro e Trasimeno attraverso l’utilizzo delle tecniche di Telerilevamento

Stroppiana D., Boschetti M., P.A. Brivio, F. Nutini, E. Bartholomé
Analysis of Earth Observation time series to investigate the relation between rainfall, vegetation dynamic and streamflow in the Uele’ basin (Central African Republic)

Boschetti M., Nutini F., Brivio P.A. , Bartholomé E., Hoscilo A., Stroppiana D., Bocchi S.
Analysis of NDVI and RFE time series to monitor vegetated ecosystem dynamics in Sahel

Zeni G, Pepe A, Tizzani P, Casu F, Manunta M, Lanari R
Analysis of the 1992-2010 Dynamic Deformation Affecting the Yellowstone Caldera

Solaro G., Acocella V., Pepe S., Ruch J., Neri M., Sansosti E.
Anatomy of an unstable volcano from InSAR: multiple processes affecting flank instability at Mt. Etna, 1994-2008

Acocella V., Solaro G., Pepe S., Ruch J., Neri M., Sansosti E.
Anatomy of an unstable volcano from InSAR: multiple processes affecting flank instability at Mt. Etna, 1994-2008

Brivio P.A., M.Boschetti, P. Carrara, G. Bordogna, C.J. Weissteiner
Assessment of rural land abandonment using an innovative approach for the integration of bio-geophysical and socio-economic information

Di Donato L., Isernia T., Catapano I., Crocco L.
Beyond the LSM as qualitative MWI method: A physical insight into the far-field equation and new challenges

Scarfì MR
Biological effects, basic interaction mechanisms of Extremely Low Frequencies

Romeo S, Di Donato L, Catapano I, Crocco L, Scarfì MR, Massa R
Broadband characterization of Tryton X-100-based solutions for breast cancer mimickung

Hoscilo A., H. Balzter, E. Bartholome, M. Boschetti, P.A. Brivio, A. Brink
Changes in vegetation and rainfall patterns in suh-saharan Africa over the last decade observed by satellites – A national and sub-national synthesis

Scarfì MR
Combined effects induced in biological systems by exposure to EMF and chemical or physical agents

Sansosti E.
Deformation time series via space-borne radar interferometry: a second generation tool for Earth’s surface displacement analysis

Ruch J., Acocella V., Storti F., Neri M., Pepe S., Solaro G., Sansosti E.
Detachment depth revealed by rollover deformation:an integrated approach at Mount Etna

Soldovieri F., R. Di Napoli, I. Catapano, L. Crocco
Detection and characterization of buried layers from holographic GPR data

Minardo A., Zeni L., Bernini R.
Differential Pulse-Width Pair BOTDA with Fast Falltime Pulses

Romeo S, Zeni O, Scarfì MR, Sarti M, Sannino A, Vernier PT, Zeni L
Electro-perturbation of DNA in Jurkat cells under nanosecond pulsed electric fields

Nutini F., D. Stroppiana, Boschetti M., P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomé, G. Beyé,
Evaluation of remotely sensed DMP product using multi-year field measurements of biomass in West Africa

Berardino P., Bonano M., Calò F., Castaldo R., Casu F., Lanari R., Manunta M., Manzo M., Paglia L., Pepe A., Pepe S., Sansosti E., Solaro G., Tizzani P., Zeni G.
Exploitation of 20-years SAR data for long-term deformation phenomena analysis: the SBAS-DInSAR approach

Manconi A, Casu F
Full exploitation of surface displacement time series retrieved from the phase and the amplitude of a SAR dataset: the Galápagos Islands case study

Scarfì MR
Genotoxicity of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields

Boz. A, V. Clementi , R. De Paulis , M. Boschetti, M. Pepe, C. Prati, F. Rocca, S. Tebaldini, Magistroni, C.
Geological Application of Satellite Technologies (GEOSAT)

Nutini F., M. Boschetti, P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomè, D. Stroppiana
Identification and interpretation of anomalous vegetation trend in West Africa dryland through remote sensed data

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Matta E.
Il contributo del telerilevamento all’interno del Progetto EULAKES

Di Donato L., Bevacqua M., Isernia T., Catapano I., Crocco L.
Improved Quantitative Microwave Tomography by Exploiting the Physical Meaning of the Linear Sampling Method

Testa G., Huang Y., Sarro P.M., Zeni L., Bernini R.
Integrated optofluidic interferometric devices

Testa G., Bernini R., Huang Y.,. Sarro P.M., Zeni L.
Integrated Optofluidic Interferometric Devices Based on Liquid Core Arrow Waveguides

Cuca B., Brumana R., Rampini A. , Oreni D., Grassani F., Pepe M.,Criscuolo L.
Integration of the Atlas of historical cadastres and topographic maps with space and other source data for water courses identification and analysis in an SDI framework

Calò F., Bonano M., Casu F., Lanari R., Manunta M., Manzo M., Pepe A., Zeni G.
La tecnica SBAS-DInSAR a supporto della gestione del rischio ambientale in aree urbane: il caso della città di Roma

Testa G., Y. Huang,L. Zeni, P. M. Sarro, R. Bernini
Liquid core integrated ring resonator

Antoninetti M., Nutini F. , Boschetti M., Villa P., Bresciani M., Brivio P.A.
Mappe di uso e di copertura del suolo ottenute attraverso la classificazione di immagini Landsat-TM per la comprensione delle dinamiche in atto nelle regioni sub-Saheliane del Niger

Stroppiana D., Boschetti M., Brivio P.A., Boschetti L.
Mapping Areas Affected by Fires across Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems in Europe from Spectral Indices

Crocco L., Litman A.
Microwave imaging in embedded systems: quality and quantity of the retrievable information

Soldovieri F., R. Di Napoli, I. Catapano, L. Crocco, A. Brancaccio, A. Aiello, F. Pesando
Microwave Tomography enhanced GPR surveys in Centaur’s Domus - Regio IV of Pompeii

Rampini A., G. Bordogna, P. Carrara, M. Pepe, M. Antoninetti, A. Mondini, P. Reichenbach
Modelling landslides’ susceptibility by fuzzy emerging patterns.

Vascellari M., Bresciani M., Giardino C., Dessena M. A., Buscarinu P.
Monitoraggio integrato delle acque del lago Omodeo tramite analisi delle immagini MERIS e analisi limnologiche

Pepe A.; Bonano M.; Yang Y.; Manunta M.; Lanari R.
New Improvements of the Extended Minimum Cost Flow Phase Unwrapping for Processing Multitemporal Full Resolution Interferograms

Criscuolo L., Pepe M., Lella S., Carrara P.
OGC Web Services in the workflow of a research Institute dealing with Remote Sensing data

S. Perna 1,2; A. Iodice 3
On the Practical Applicability of Series Expansions for Kirchhoff Diffractals

Fornaro, G.; Pauciullo, A.; Reale, D.; Zhu, X.; Bamler, R
Peculiarities of urban area analysis with very high resolution interferometric SAR data

Stroppiana D., G. Bordogna, Boschetti M., Carrara P., Boschetti L., Brivio P.A.
Positive and negative evidence of burn from spectral indices for burned area mapping in Mediterranean regions

Ardizzone F., Rossi M., Calò F., Paglia L., Manunta M., Mondini A.C., Zeni G., Reichenbach G., Lanari R., Guzzetti F.
Preliminary analysis of a correlation between ground deformations and rainfall: the Ivancich landslide, central Italy.

Casu F
Present scenario and new perspectives for Differential SAR Interferometry in volcanic areas

Zeni O, Sannino A, Sarti M, Massa R, Scarfì MR
Radiofrequency radiation at 1950 MHz UMTS signal does not induce cellular response in neuronal like PC12 cells

Crocco L., D'Urso M., Isernia T., Morabito A. F.
Re-arranging Scattering Equations to Counteract Non Linearity of the Inverse Problem: Rationale and Comparisons

Solaro G.; Casu, F.; Paglia L.; Pepe A.; Pepe S.; Sansosti E.; Tizzani P.; Lanari R.
SBAS-DInSAR time series in the last eighteen years at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)

Casu F., Manconi A., Manzo M., Pepe A., Solaro G., Lanari R.
Selected case studies in advanced DInSAR analysis of seismogenic areas

Crocco L., Litman A.
Some considerations on embedded microwave imaging systems

Villa P., Pepe M., Boschetti M., De Paulis R.
Spectral Mapping Capabilities of Sedimentary Rocks Using Hyperspectral Data in Sicily, Italy

Braga F., Giardino C., Cavalli R. M., Bresciani M., Bassani C., Alberotanza L.
Struttura del progetto CLAM-PHYM per lo studio delle acque costiere e interne italiane tramite il sensore PRISMA

Casu F, Pagli C, Paglia L, Wright T, Lanari R
Surface displacement time series analysis of the Afar rift zone retrieved through phase and amplitude SAR data

Criscuolo L., P. Carrara, M. Pepe, A. Rampini
Test sperimentale di strumenti Volunteer Geographic Information per l’aggiornamento di informazioni territoriali

Casu F, Pagli C, Paglia L, Wang H, Wright T, Lanari R
The Afar rift zone deformation dynamics retrieved through phase and amplitude SAR data

Sansosti E.
The impact of second generation SAR sensors on the deformation time series analysis via DInSAR techniques: the COSMO-SkyMed study case

Bonano M, Casu F, Lanari R, Manunta M, Paglia L, Solaro G, Sansosti E
The impact of second generation SAR sensors on the deformation time series analysis via DInSAR techniques: The COSMO-SkyMed study case

Catapano I., Crocco L., Isernia T.
The Linear Sampling Method as a focusing strategy: a generalized formulation using multipoles expansion

Crocco L., Catapano I., Bevacqua M., Di Donato L., Isernia T.
The Linear Sampling Method as a focusing strategy: available implicit information and hybrid inversion approaches

Catapano I., Crocco L., Iero D., Isernia T.
The Linear Sampling Method as a synthesis strategy: a simple approach to focusing in unknown media

Casu F, Lanari R, Manunta M, Paglia L
The Tohoku-oki (Japan) Earthquake imaged through 3-days repeat cycle ERS-2 SAR data

Manzo M., Tizzani P., Solaro G., Sansosti E., Berardino P., Pepe A., Manconi A., Lanari R.
Twenty years of ground deformation monitoring at Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy) via advanced space-based remote sensing techniques

Stroppiana D., G. Bordogna, M. Boschetti, P. Carrara, L. Boschetti, P.A. Brivio
Un metodo innovativo per mappare le aree bruciate nell’Europa Mediterranea basato su indici spettrali e tecniche di soft computing

T. M. Millington, N. J. Cassidy, L. Crocco, F. Soldovieri
Using FDTD modelling to inform the tomographic imaging of buried utility pipes via GPR investigation

Nutini F., M. Boschetti, D. Stroppiana, P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomè, Gora Beyè
Valutazione del prodotto satellitare DMP tramite misure in situ di produzione di biomassa nelle aree di savana saheliane



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