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Contributi in atti di convegno anno 2010

Casu F., P. Berardino, M. Bonano, L. Candela, G. Fornaro, R. Lanari, A. Manconi, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, A. Pepe, S. Pepe, D. Reale, E. Sansosti, G. Solaro, P. Tizzani, G. Zeni
A detailed post-seismic surface deformation analysis of the April 2009 L’Aquila (Italy) earthquake through COSMO-SkyMed SBAS-InSAR time series

M. Calamia, G. Fornaro, G. Franceschetti, F. Lombardini, A. Mori
A Radar Eye on the Moon: Potentials and Limitations for Earth Imaging

F. Soldovieri, I. Catapano, L. Crocco, M. R. Scarfì , A. Doria, E. Giovenale, G. P. Gallerano , A. Petraia
A simple electromagnetic model for buried interface detection via THz holographic data

I. Catapano, L. Crocco, L. Di Donato, T. Isernia
A Simple Imaging Method for Non-Destructive Evaluation

Lauro, S.E.; Mattei, E.; Pettinelli, E.; Orosei, R.; Soldovieri, F.
A simple inversion model for the estimation of subsurface features of Mars poles

A. Sannino, O. Zeni, M. Sarti, Vijayalaxmi, S.Romeo, MA Belisario, MR Scarfì
Adaptive response induced by radiofrequency radiation in human lymphocytes

Reale D., Fornaro G., Pauciullo A., Zhu X.; Adam N., Bamler R.
Advanced techniques and new high resolution SAR sensors for monitoring urban areas

Casu F., A. Manconi, A. Pepe, M. Manzo, R. Lanari

L. Crocco, F. Soldovieri, I. Akduman
An imaging tool for through-the-wall inspections

Bresciani M., Boschetti M., Villa P., Stroppiana D., Bolpagni R.
Analysis of geomorphologic changes of the Po river ecosystem in the Mantova Province

Nutini F., M. Boschetti, P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomé, A. Hoscilo, D. Stroppiana, S. Bocchi
Analysis of vegetation pasture climate response on Sahel region through 10 years remote sensed data.

Boschetti M., P. Carrara, G. Bordogna, C.J. Weissteiner, K. Böttcher, P.A. Brivio
Approximate reasoning to assess land degradation syndromes by fusing socio-economic and environmental information

N. Masini, G. Cifani, F. Gabellone, E. Geraldi, F.T. Gizzi, V. Lapenna, D.Liberatore, S. Piscitelli, S. Pignatti, F. Soldovieri
April 2009 Abruzzo earthquake. Multisensor approach for the seismic rehabilitation of monuments

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Bartoli M, Longhi D., Pinardi
Assessment of chlorophyll-a and algal blooms in inland waters from hyperspectral data

Scarfì MR
Biological Effects Induced by Combined Exposures to Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical or Physical Agents: a Review

Taramelli A., Giardino C., Gasperini L, del Bianco F., Bresciani M., Valentini E., Pizzimenti L., Zucca F., Disperati L.
Biophysical and morphological study of coastal habitats from imaging spectrometry, LiDAR and in situ data acquisition

A. Minardo, R. Bernini, L. Amato and L. Zeni
Bridge monitoring by Brillouin based distributed strain measurements

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Bartoli M., Viaroli P.
Caratterizzazione ecologica dei cianobatteri nelle acque interne attraverso lo studio delle loro proprietà ottiche da dati in situ e immagini telerilevate

Sannino A, Zeni O, Sarti M, Vijayalaxmi, Romeo S, Belisario A, Scarfì MR:
Characterization of Radiofrequency Radiation-induced Adaptive Response in

Valentini E., Targusi M., Pallottini E., Fornari A. R., Bresciani M., Giardino C., Nicoletti L., Taramelli A.
Coastal landscape: Hyperspectral measurements of emerged and marine submerged vegetation in coastal areas

L'Astorina Alba
Comunicare la scienza tra informazione e partecipazione

G. Bellizzi, O.M. Bucci, I. Catapano
Contrast Enhanced Microwave Imaging via Magnetic Nanoparticles

Boschetti M., F. Nutini, P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomè, D. Stroppiana
Contribution of Earth Observation data to Congo river basin hydrology understanding.

Boschetti M., F. Nutini, P.A. Brivio, E. Bartholomé, D. Stroppiana
Contributo del telerilevamento da satellite alla comprensione dei fenomeni idrologici del fiume Congo

Zeni O, Sannino A, Sarti M, Massa R and Scarfì MR
Cytotoxicity Investigation on Neural Like PC12 Cells Exposed to UMTS 1950 MHz Radiofrequency Radiation

Zeni O, Sannino A, Sarti M, Massa R, Scarfì MR
Cytotoxicity investigation on neuronal-like PC12 cells exposed to 1950 MHz radiofrequency radiation

Zeni O, Sannino A, Romeo S, Scarfì MR, Bellucci S, Micciulla F, Sacco I, Coderoni L
Cytotoxicity of Buckypaper in Human Lymphocytes

Zeni O, Sannino A, Romeo S, Scarfì MR, Bellucci S, Micciulla F, Sacco I, Coderoni L
Cytotoxicity of Buckypaper in Human Lymphocytes.

S. Nordebo, M. Gustafsson, F. Soldovieri
Data fusion for reconstruction algorithms via different sensors in geophysical sensing

Pepe A., Bertran Ortiz A., Lanari R., Lundgren P., Rosen, P. A., Bonano M.
Deformation in Hawaii’s volcanoes obtained from a ScanSAR-to-StripMap Small BAseline Subset Technique

Romano, N.; Soldovieri, F.; Persico, R
Design and numerical analysis of a new reconfigurable antenna for georadar applications

Diaz L., Pepe M., Granell C., Carrara P., Rampini A.
Developing and chaining Web Processing Services for hydrological models

Persico, R.; Negri, S.; Soldovieri, F.; Pettinelli
Dielectric and magnetic anomaly imaging from GPR data

Bolpagni R., Bresciani M., Oggioni A., Bartoli M., Viaroli P.
Diversità floro-vegetazionale e funzionale degli ambiti litoranei del Lago d’Idro (nord Italia): prime evidenze sperimentali

Tizzani P.
Does the Magma intrusion at Long Valley caldera (California) drive the detected ground deformation?

C. Panigada, L. Busetto, M. Meroni, S. Amaducci, M. Rossini, S. Cogliati, M. Boschetti, V. Picchi, A. Marchesi, F. Pinto, U. Rascher, R. Colombo
EDOCROS: Early detection of crop water and nutritional stress by remotely sensed indicators

Scarfì MR
Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure on DNA: Negative Studies.

B. Bisceglia, R. Cadossi, N. Cappetti, A. De Vita, M. Pappalardo, M. Sarti, S. Setti, G.F. Solito
Electric field distribution in spinal model after the application of Capacitively Coupled Electric Fields

Lanari R.
ERS-ENVISAT InSAR deformation time-series: a powerful tool to investigate long term surface deformation of large areas

Millington T.M., Cassidy N.J., Crocco L., Soldovieri F.
Evaluating the practical performance of absorbing boundary conditions (ABC) in higher-order, finite-difference, time-domain (FDTD) GPR modelling

Scarfì MR Lagroye I
Evaluation of Adverse Health Effects in children from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: a Review of In Vitro Studies

F. Soldovieri, R. Solimene, F. Ahmad
Experimental validation of a microwave tomographic approach for the Through.the-Wall radar imaging

G. Gialanella, G. Grossi, L. Manti, R. Massa, P. Scampoli, M. Sarti, M.R. Scarfì, O. Zeni
Exposure and Co-exposure of Mammalian Cells to 1950 MHz UMTS signal

A. Minardo, R. Bernini, and L. Zeni
Extension of the maximum measuring range in distributed Brillouin fiber sensors by tuning the Stokes/anti-Stokes power ratio

M. Bavusi, F. Soldovieri, F.C. Ponzo, A. Loperte, M. Proto, V. Lapenna,
First geophysical results on Musmeci Bridge next to Potenza city (Basilicata Region, South of Italy) in the framework of ISTIMES project

Manzo, M., P. Berardino, M. Bonano, F. Casu, R. Lanari, A. Manconi, M. Manunta, A. Pepe, S. Pepe, E. Sansosti, G. Solaro, P. Tizzani, G. Zeni
Full Exploitation of the SBAS-DInSAR algorithm in active seismogenetic scenarios

F. Casu, A. Manconi, A. Pepe, R. Lanari
Generation of deformation time series from SAR data sequences in areas affected by large dynamics: insights from Sierra Negra caldera, Galápagos Islands

Scarfì MR
Genotoxicity of electromagnetic fields

I. Catapano, L. Crocco, L. Di Donato, F. Soldovieri, O. M. Bucci, G. Angiulli, S. Tringàli, T. Isernia
Guidelines and Imaging Strategies for Effective Microwave Breast Screening

I. Catapano, L.Crocco, L. Di Donato, G. Angiulli, T. Isernia, A. Morabito, S. Tringali, O. M. Bucci
Guidelines for effective microwave breast imaging: a numerical assessment against 3D anthropomorphic phantoms

Solimene, R.; D'Alterio, A.; Soldovieri, F.
Half-space estimation by time gating based strategy

Villa P., R. Molina, M. A. Gomarasca, E. Roccatagliata
HUMBOLDT Scenario: Protected Areas - Harmonisation capabilities for a future ESDI

Paolo Villa; R. Molina; Mario Angelo Gomarasca; Emanuele Roccatagliata
HUMBOLDT Scenario: Protected Areas - Harmonisation capabilities for a future ESDI

Giardino C., Oggioni A., Bresciani M., Yan H.
Il colore dei laghi e le dinamiche degli apparati glaciali: la sperimentazione nella regione Himalayana

Boschetti M., D. Stroppiana, P.A. Brivio, R. Confalonieri, S. Bocchi
Il contributo del telerilevamento satellitare per il monitoraggio della coltura riso e la stima delle produzioni

L. Di Donato, I. Catapano, F. Soldovieri and L. Crocco
Imaging of 3D Magnetic Targets from Multiview Multistatic GPR Data

Lo Monte L., Soldovieri F., Akduman I., Wicks M.C.
Imaging under irregular terrain using RF tomography and numerical green functions

Zeni O, Sannino A, Sarti M, Brescia F, Massa R, Romeo S, Scarfì MR
In Vitro Effects of Exposures And Co-Exposures to 1950 MHz Radiofrequency adiation: Ongoing Activities at CNR-IREA

Romeo S, Zeni O, Sarti M, Sannino A, Scarfì MR, Zeni L
Intense ultra short pulsed electric field generating systems for bioelectrical applications and preliminary results on Jurkat cells

Romeo S, Zeni O, Sarti M, Sannino A, Scarfì MR, Zeni L
Intense Ultra Short Pulsed Electric Fields (US-PEF) Effects on Jurkat Cells

Romeo S, Zeni O, Scarfì MR, Sarti M, Sannino A, P. Thomas Vernier, Zeni L
Intracellular Effects of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields on Jurkat Cells

Zeni O, Romeo S, Scarfì MR, Sarti M, Sannino A, P. Thomas Vernier, Zeni L
Intracellular Effects of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields on Jurkat Cells

Zeni O, Romeo S, Scarfì MR, Sarti M, Sannino A, P. Thomas Vernier, Zeni L:
Intracellular Effects of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields on Jurkat Cells.

L. Crocco And I. Catapano
Inverse Scattering Techniques For Breast Cancer Imaging: Issues And Guidelines

Fornaro G., Atzori S., Serafino F., Berardino P., Paglia L., Pezzo G.,S. Salvi S.
Inversion of dislocation models from DInSAR wrapped interferograms

Taramelli A., Giardino C., Valentini E., Bresciani M., Gasperini L.
Linking morphology to ecosystem structure using air-borne sensors for monitoring the Earth System

G. Bellizzi, O. M. Bucci, I. Catapano
Magnetic nanoparticle as contrast agent for microwave breast cancer imaging

Ayazi R., Carrara P., Edwards A., Ghiron F., Hilger M., Nicolau S. CF., Schumacher V., Trainsoutrout D., Wells A.
Making the regional link to GMES services

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Musanti M., Martinelli A., Taramelli A., Valentini E.
Mappatura delle macrofite del lago Trasimeno tramite tecniche di Telerilevamento

A. D'Alterio, R. Solimene, F. Soldovieri
Material characterization via in-situ GPR survey

D. K. Sinnett, E. Montgomery-Brown, F. Casu, Y. Fukushima, P. Segall, A. Miklius, M. Poland
Modeling Secular Deformaton of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Casu, F., Fornaro, G., Manzo, M., Sansosti, E.
Monitoraggio dei vulcani del distretto campano (Campi Flegrei, Vesuvio e Ischia) mediante tecniche avanzate di Interferometria Radar ad Apertura Sintetica (DInSAR)

Bresciani M., Giardino C.
Monitoraggio della qualità delle acque interne: Progetto MELINOS

Bresciani M., Fila G.L., Stroppiana D, Sotgia C.
Monitoring of health status and management of reeds areas in Lake Garda by radiometric and remote sensing techniques

G.Testa, L. Zeni, P.M.Sarro, R. Bernini
Multi-wavelength integrated silicon micro flow cytometer

F. Soldovieri and N. Romano
New Antennas for GPR surveys in archaeological prospecting and cultural heritage diagnostics

Bonano M., Manunta M., Marsella M., Lanari.R
Non-invasive deformation analysis of historical buildings through the advanced SBAS-DInSAR technique: the case of the city of Roma (Italy)

Tizzani, P., Manconi, A., Zeni, G., Pepe, A., Manzo, M., Fernandèz, J., Lanari, R.
On the analysis of short- and long-term deformation processes at Tenerife, Canary Islands

Pietro Tizzani, Andrea Manconi, Giovanni Zeni, Antonio Pepe, Mariarosaria Manzo, Jose Fernandèz, Riccardo Lanari
On the analysis of short- and long-term deformation processes at Tenerife, Canary Islands

Lanari R.
One year after the Abruzzo 2009 earthquake: pre-, co- and post-seismic surface deformation investigation through advanced InSAR analyses

G.Testa, Y. Huang, L. Zeni, P.M.Sarro, R. Bernini
Optofluidic mach-zehnder interferometer at picoliter scale

Sannino A, Zeni O, Sarti M, Vijayalaxmi, Romeo S, Scarfì MR
Radiofrequency radiation is capable of inducing Adaptive Response in human blood lymphocytes

A. Sannino, O. Zeni, M. Sarti, Vijayalaxmi, S.Romeo, MR Scarfì
Radiofrequency radiation is capable of inducing Adaptive Response in human blood lymphocytes

Bavusi, M.; Loperte, A.; Lapenna, V.; Soldovieri, F.
Rebars and defects detection by a GPR survey at a L'Aquila school damaged by the earthquake of April 2009

Lo Monte, L.; Erricolo, D.; Soldovieri, F.; Wicks, M.C.
Recent advances in RF tomography for underground imaging

Persico R., Soldovieri F.
Recent issues relevant to GPR prospecting

Giardino C., Bresciani M.
Remote sensing of lakes: the main results after eight years of MELINOS Project

Bresciani M., Giardino C., Stroppiana D., Pilkaityte R., Bartoli M., Razinkovas A.
Retrospective analysis of spatial and temporal variability of chlorophyll-a in the Curonian Lagoon

Fornaro G., Serafino F., Reale D.
SAR Tomography: Application Examples

Zeni G., Pepe A., Tizzani P., Pepe S., Solaro G., D’Oreye N., Fernandez J., Gonzalez P., Sansosti E.
SBAS-DInSAR Investigation of the displacement field at Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo volcanoes in Congo

Manzo, M., Lanari, R., Manconi, A., Solaro, G., Walter, T.R., Zschau, J.
Surface deformation analysis of the Istanbul (Turkey) city retrieved via the SBAS-DInSAR technique

Solaro G., Manconi A., Manzo M., Pepe A., Pepe S., Tizzani P., Zeni G., Lanari R.
Surface Deformation Analysis Via The SBAS-Dinsar Approach In Several Volcanic Areas: An Overview

Oggioni A., Carrara P., Pepe M., Manca D., Giardino C., Criscuolo L.
Sustainable water management: An operative test for monitoring lakes through integrated Earth sensing

Bovenga F., Candela L., Casu F., Fornaro G., Guzzetti F., Lanari R., Nitti D. O., Nutricato R., Reale D.
The Cosmo Skymed Constellation Turn on the L’aquila Earthquake: Dinsar Results of the MORFEO Project

Bovenga F., Candela L., Casu F., Fornaro G., Guzzetti F., Lanari R., Nitti D.O., Nutricato R., Reale R.
The COSMO/SKYMED Constellation Turn On The L’aquila Earthquake: Dinsar Results Of The Morfeo Project

Bonano M., Manunta M., Marsella M., Lanari R.
The Extended SBAS Technique For Generating Full Resolution Ers/Envisat Deformation Time-Series

Proto M., Bavusi M., Soldovieri F., Cuomo V., Leggio M., Dolce M., Ponzo F., Hugenschimdt J., Doumulin J., Gustafsson M., Eppelbaum L.V., Della Vecchia P., Kaspersen
The ISTIMES project: a new integrated system for monitoring critical transport infrastructures interested by natural hazards

Carrara P.
The Italian survey on ICT in environmental and sustainability research within ICT-Ensure: experiences and lessons learned

Combal B., E. Bartholomè, P.A. Brivio, M. Boschetti, D. Stroppiana, M. Martini
The NARMA-geoland2 e-station an Earth Observation based decision support system tool for real time environmental monitoring in Africa.

Villa P., M. Boschetti, N. Politte, J.L. Morse, A. Rampini
Tsunami Impact on Coastal vegetation: a Multitemporal Assessment by Remote Sensing

Bresciani M., L’Astorina A., Parmeggiani G., Palmieri R., Villa P.
Using Remote Sensing for the understanding of territorial changes in the schools of Lake Garda

G. Testa, Y. Huang, L. Zeni, P.M. Sarro, R. Bernini
Waveguide based optofluidics